Grievance Redressal Cell

Grievance Redressal Cell members:

Sr Name designation
1 Dr. Jayesh N. Barot Principal
2 Dr. V. G. Chaudhari Co-ordinator
3 Dr. R. R. Joshi Member
4 Prof. V. H. Parmar Member
5 Prof. D. G. Patel Member
6 Dr. S. K. Joshi Member
7 Dr. M. B. Chaudhari Member
8 Dr. B. S. Patel Member
9 Ms Roshni Prajapati Student
10 Mr Aashish Ravat Student


The college has a Student Grievance Redressal Cell which collects Grievance from the students. For collecting the Grievances a suggestion box is kept. The students are informed that, if they have any Grievance or any suggestion, they can write it on a paper and drop it into the suggestion box. The committee opens the box once in a month. If there is any Grievance/suggestion the committee tries to solve immediately if the Grievance are serious, then it refers the Grievance to the principal who takes it to the management if necessary. The proceedings are recorded.

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