Insitutional Distinctiveness

NAMO WIFI and GTPL are beneficial to the faculty as well as students. The purpose of an intranet is to made communication simply. Using intranet technology communication and sharing of study material is cheaper and easier than internet. Intranet consists of interlinked local area networks. Intranet can act as communication hub for institutional stakeholders. You can store study materials like syllabus related material, video lecture etc. It is accessible at any time within the campus area. Intranet facility in the Institutional campus area. Institute established this facility for the student benefits. In this faculty of the entire department individually uploaded their respective study material so students can easily access and download for study purpose. Faculty also upload their PPT and video lecture on it student can revise that topic any time. Due to this facility faculty can communicate with students and they motivated to prepare a study material for the students. In this student get specific materials related to their syllabus. For this facility institute established one server in the cyber room and it is controlled by one computer operator. Faculty wants to upload or upgrade their materials they give to computer operator and he uploaded in the specific manor. How to use Intranet.  Timely arrange IQAC meeting and reform new committee. To implement DPR for the grant of RUSA 2.0 Component 9. To start Finishing school for skill development with collobration with KCG. To arrange lecture series local and University level. Organize various students and faculty development programme. To made placement more efficient. To start academy for competitive examination. To encourage student to participate in NSS/ NCC/ Culture/ Sport activities. To develop college Android application. Motivate students and staff to do research activity. To motivate PG student regarding NET/ SLET examination. Enrich library by adding new reference books/ journal/periodicals /E resources. Upgrade institutional website. To reform examination pattern. To extent the work and activities of IQAC like skill development. Arrange lecture series. To arrange workshop for newly appointed teaching staff. To start faculty exchange programme. Celebrating various days. To initiate various awareness programme.

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