Department of English

Goals and objectives of the Department


  • To provide a platform to the Students to exhibit their talents and creativity.
  • To make the students competent and develop positive attitude.
  • To impart employability skills in students and make them employable.
  • To encourage the students to commit themselves to moral and ethical language.
  • To enable the students to communicate effectively and appropriately in the real life situation.
  • To make students responsible citizen by developing their leadership qualities.



Unique features of Department of English


  • The department has rare collection of books on English literature from Chaucer to present day modern literature.
  • The department provides reading material to students and makes them competent in the competitive exam like NET / SLET.
  • The department conducts weekly test for the students of sem V and sem VI.

The faculty uses ICT and various teaching methods in the classroom to make topics very easy and effective.

Dr. Rakesh R. Joshi (HOD)

(M.A. Ph.D. GPSC)

Associate Professor

teaching Experience – 23 Years

Dr. Dipak K. Desai

(M.A. E.L.T. Ph.D.)

Associate Professor

Teaching Experience – 18 Years

Dr. Bharat S. PAtel

(M.A. Ph.D.)

Associate Professor

Teaching Experience – 17 Years

  • Seminars, Workshops, Educational Tour
  • Assignment
  • Book Review
  • Classroom Presentation
  • Project Work
  • Group Discussion
  • Mock-Test
  • Weekly Test
  • Continuous Evaluation