Best Practice: I Awareness, Guidance and coaching for Competitive Examinations. To inform and train students for the competitive examinations held by various Government Recruitment Boards and Nonovernmental Agencies. To follow the goals we had decided some objectives with which we can train and guide the students. To inform the students regarding competitive examinations held at various levels by various agencies and Boards. To guide the students regarding the format, syllabus, paper style and eligibility for a particular post. To arrange various programmes for career orientation and inspire students to take interest in them. To take lectures to guide them and teach them how to prepare for the exams. To provide them books, material and sources for the competitive exams. To help them fill up and submit the online Application forms. It is a dream of every student to get a good job and be selfdependent as early as possible. These students are not so aware about how and where to apply to get a good job. They have doubts regarding the eligibility and scope while studying for graduation. Most of them think that they cannot apply anywhere before graduation. Some such misconceptions are removed from the students by the Career Guidance Cell, Udisha cell and UGC sponsored Entry in service programme. Students whose parents are not farmers are left with few opportunities of jobs because there are no big industries in this area. It becomes our duty them to guide and show the students the right access where they can get jobs. We help them by showing right direction and by preparing them for better performance. The rural students need our guidance at every level and we provide it by running this Cell in the college. Students are trained for the competitive exams. We brush up their General Knowledge and provide books, magazines and conduct exams and tests. We have also conducted mockinterviews to boost their confidence level. We have conducted MCQ exam to make them aware of the present system of examination. For the Training and Guidance, we have worked out a specific structure in which we provide a regular coaching to the particular exam conducted by state govt. Every year more than 150 students attend regular lectures. This year around 300 students have participated in the activity. In the special lectures we deal with the current topics, G.K., Reasoning ability and numerical ability. The tests also are taken on the relevant topics and later the solutions are provided to the students. Students performing well are rewarded and they are given books and reading material. Advertisements of the vacant posts and related exams are displayed on the notice board. Students registered in the Cell and Entry in Service programme is informed by way to SMS about the vacancies. They are also helped in filling up and submission of online forms. Magazines and Journals related to career and competitive exams are subscribed by the Library. Books and Digests for Ready Reference are also provided by the Library. We have also provided a special coaching to exams such as Deputy section officer, Talati, TET, Revenue Officer etc As a result of it our students received first prize in Quiz competition organized by HNG Uni. Patan. We have organized more than 10 workshops and seminars for providing special guidance to the students of competitive exam. Expert Lectures also are arranged sporadically. Our constant perseverance and pursuit for guiding students and brighten their future, has yielded good results also. Here are some instances. 4 students got through NET/SlET. Around 350 students have joined various administrative posts in capacity of Talati, Clerk, Govt. appointed teacher, through TET/TAT, Police constable etc. (The actual number may increase. But we are not able to maintain the total data.) 28 students have been appointed in posts of Police Constable, BSF, Indian Post, Railway etc. Our 5 students secured first rank at University level GK competitions organized as a part of youth festival.Our students were made aware about the competitive Exams due to our efforts and they started taking part and succeeding in them. We also made them about the standard of books. They started reading and referring to reputed publications by Universities and Government. They could also realize and feel the difference. The students got attached with the institution as we even helped them in online submission of application forms. In rural areas the Cyber cafes charge high for net surfing. We provided them the service at no profit no loss basis. These students felt obliged to the institution. Above facts indicate our sincere efforts in the direction of guiding our students towards brighter future. We take pride in our efforts and believe to perform better in future. As Satlasana is a remote place, very often the Resource Person coming from cities like Ahmedabad could not reach in time. On such occasions, our GPSC selected faculty Dr.R.R.Joshi had to manage the things. The Lectures arranged for the Competitive Exams are planned and managed by the faculty voluntarily. For the Special arrangement of Training and Coaching classes, we have tried to seek monetary help from either UGC or State Government. This activity has been publicized by prospectus, website, Orientation Programme, personal meetings of the students, etc. It is also verified that the students who have genuine interest in the activity and deposits are taken from them to make them more responsible. When the Career Guidance Cell assures the students for every kind of help, it increases its accountability and reliability. It is a noble task to provide assistance and guidance to the needy students. Our experience says that it helps us develop a lifelong relationship with the students. The special lectures of career guidance should be arranged either in the slot after college hours or on weekends so that alumni students also can participate. Best  Practice  II Addon courses (Short term certificate courses) Goal : To provide skill oriented education and develop overall personality of the students.In order to achieve our goal, the following objectives are taken into consideration.Objectives : To prepare students for skill oriented programme. To increase students curiosity in various addon courses. To create job opportunity by offering various short term certificate courses. To provide latest  information and inspire them to start their own business. In the Arts college, it is very difficult to get job. Even in the rural area, there is no industry and other job related firms. So, skilled based programme provided enough Scope for job opportunity. By joining various addon courses like computer skill, communicative skill, Scope, Personality Development, Spoken English, Knitting, Sewing, Jewellery Designing etc, and Students can get the maximum benefit of making over all development and also prepare them for job opportunities. Courses like sewing, knitting, Garment making, Computer etc would be helpful to girl students for getting jobs in a rural area. Even students would become self reliant and self confident. The college has offered various addon courses. Interested students have got maximum benefit of these short term courses such as Sewing, Personality Development, Computer Skill, Communicative skill, UGC sponsored Career oriented programme Spoken English, Jewellery Designing and Scope. By offering various addon courses under UGC CPE and state government project, the college has become different from other arts colleges. A certificate course of Spoken English, Communicative Skill and computer skill create self confidence in the interested students. Courses like sewing, knitting, Jewellery Designing could make girl students more confident and self reliant for job opportunities. Our is an arts college situated in rural area. Even transportation facilities in not fully available all the students come from backward area are not interested in joining these courses. They are not interested in getting jobs because of the lack of awareness. Even their parents should not inspire them in joining these courses. In these circumstances, we try to motivate them for taking admission in these courses. To over come this issue, students are promoted to join a computer course, personality Development and Spoken English. Even students belong to SC/ ST/ OBC and minority are given priority. In order to give special coaching and expert guidance to the students registered under addon courses we have taken support from Gujarat Technical Board Gandhinagar, Gujarat Diamand Institution Ahemdabad, Ray Computer Satlasana and local expert faculty. We have enough funds for running such courses. So, in future there would be no problems for financial assistance of such courses. This course has been publicized by Orientation Programme, Notice board, TV Displayed and personal meetings of the students etc. Students who have genuine interest in the courses are inspired and motivated to join such courses. When the Career Guidance Cell assures the students for every kind of help, it increases its accountability and reliability. It is a noble task to provide assistance and guidance to the needy students. Our experience says that it help us develop a lifelong relationship with the students. The special lectures of career guidance should be arranged either in the slot after college hours or on weekends so that.