College Women Development Cell (CWDC)

College Women Development committee members

Sr Name designation
1 Dr. Jayesh N. Barot Principal
2 Dr. M. A. Patel Co-ordinator
3 Prof. D. G. Patel Member
4 Dr. B. K. Chaudhari Member
5 Dr. K. B. Chaudhari Member
6 Dr. S. K. Joshi Member
7 Dr. D. K. Rohit Member
8 Ms Sneha Kumbhar Student
9 Ms Roshni Prajapati Student

In order to prevent sexual harassment, the institution has a cell known as CWDC (College Women Development Cell). If the need arises, the committee will help the students and will try solve the problem.

Women cell consisting six members to provide a separate guidance and counseling to the women students.

Function :-

  • To collect the complains
  • To try to solve them

To organized various programs related to women, just like, A Lecture of women society Brize, women empowerment.