SC/ST & Equal Opportunity Cell

SC/ST & Equal Opportunity Committee Members

Sr Name designation
1 Dr. Jayesh N. Barot Principal
2 Dr. K. S. Jadav Co-ordinator
3 Prof. V. K. Pagi Member
4 Dr. M. A. Patel Member
5 Dr. K. B. Chaudhari Member
6 Dr. R. R. Joshi Member
7 Ms Roshni Prajapati Student
8 Mr Aashish Ravat Student

Aims and Objectives

To make the effective implementation of policies and programmes for disadvantaged groups, to provide guidance and counseling with respect to academic, financial, social and other matters and to enhance the diversity within the campus.


  1. To ensure equity and equal opportunity to the community at large in the college and bring about social inclusion.
  2. To create a socially congenial atmosphere for academic interaction and for the growth of healthy interpersonal relationships among the students coming from various social backgrounds.
  3. To help individuals or a group of students belonging to the disadvantaged section of Society to contain the problems related to discrimination.
  4. To prepare barrier free formalities/procedures for admission/ registration of students belonging to the disadvantaged groups of society.
  5. To establish coordination with the Government and other agencies/organizations to mobilize academic and financial resources to provide assistance to students of the disadvantaged groups.