Anti-Ragging Cell (ARC)

Anti-ragging Cell Members:

Sr Name Designation
1 Dr. Jayesh N. Barot Principal
2 Prof. V. H. Parmar Co-ordinator
3 Prof. V. K. Pagi Member
4 Dr. M. A. Patel Member
5 Dr. R. R. Joshi Member
6 Dr. K. S. Jadav Member
7 Ms Sneha Kumbhar Student
8 Mr Rohit Thakor Student


Smt. R. M. Prajapati Arts College, Satlasana has not faced any issue or problem related to ragging because we have been following a ‘Zero tolerance’ policy against ragging since its commencement.


Action(s) taken by the college in the event of Ragging

In the case of any ragging incident, the students should immediately call or send an email and bring it to the notice of the concerned authorities for necessary help, guidance, and actions.

Anti-Ragging Helpline

For further information on anti-ragging, refer the following: –